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The Proposal of the "Youth" group

The members of the group were:
1. Fr. Joseph, Lebanon,
2. Valeria, Russia,
3. Faten, Palestine
4. Thomas, India
5. Taras, Ukraine
6. Jouni, Finland
7. Osama, Palestine
8. Barhoum, Palestine

   We are suggesting for all of us to make it possible to create a "Orthodox Youth-club", composed of committed people from different youth groups of our different regions mainly those who are having skills to lead youth and to make fund raising. Of course, with the blessing of their bishops.
This "Youth-club" is supposed to take care of 2 things:

1) Youth internet-magazine, where everybody can have an introduction about other youth-groups, their news, activities and articles written by the Orthodox young people. In order to have this Orthodox youth internet-magazine we need: a web site and a committee of committed people who are parts of youth groups from our different regions.
For the web site, we would like to have the honor to have a place within the web page of the Syndesmos. This is also possible - to try (according the beautiful proposition of Fr. John Matusiak) to build co-operation with such an existing youth magazines like one on the server www.oca.org.
The one who will be the chief editor of our own site will be one of our committee, and he will get the pdated news in English from the reporters and the other members of the committee. Yet not every young person can reach our youth Internet magazine, however it will be the responsibility of every regional partaker to provide a regional monitoring and simultaneously to download the magazine from the web-site, to show it to his/her youth and to translate articles, materials publishing them in different secular newspapers.

2) Besides, our Orthodox Youth-club will provide camps for youth gathering with several topics and specially on journalist's training, to discover a new types of the communication-service, youth intellectual playgames, linguistic programs, youth internet-theatre, teenage-art-gallery, internet-forums, talk-shows... etc.

We are aware of that such a proposal is not simple to do in our social, economical and financial situation, but we know by experience that only youth can give us this real opportunity - everywhere and always closely co-operate together.
If it is possible, we would like to ask all the members of our future journalist's association:
- always to rely on youth in our org-work (especially on a regional level);
- use each possibility to catch and to exchange some information about the new interesting experiences of the young Christians (with the addresses, remarks etc.);
- constantly and very intentionally to pray for our new and new young brethren in Christ and colleagues in this great co-operation.

Volos, Greece, May 16-21, 1999
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