Charitable youth ecology-art-schooling in camps of nature with prayer  Соціальна допомога дітям - Місія УПЦ  Former fortress of Kyiv Rus "Tustan" looks for genuine pilgrims   

Art-therapy associacion "ARCH"

 Organize a video-lections and seminars on psychology and pedagogic practice in orphanages of Carpathians, provide a pilgrimages to sanctuaries of Carpathians, Kyiv and neighborhood countries as well, work with the healling ECO-scouting and camps for orphans and families      
piano restore- restore a piano mechanic and music, piano Reparatur, Regulierung, Abstimmung und Intonierung.
- restor-works (building, design).
- teaches how to coock and sells white and colored wafers for pies  "Бориславські aндрути" (Boryslav wafers) 
-music-therapy concerts for pupils, creative media-presentations for orphans, excursions over sanctuaries and producing the broadcast-music programs for youth for your web-resources and talantic kidsart-therapy correction
Andrew Kachmarchyk
Skype: Kachmarchyk
WRITE US: Chapel of Lords Meeting of the Education-Rehabilitation center of Boryslav special-shcool for orphans and ill kids. Korolenko str. 6, Boryslav. Lviv region 82300 UA
deacon Tarasiy AndRusevych

Orthodox Youth Web-Portal of Kyiv Fellowships "Common deal"

Fighters of Glory

Interschoolnewspaper "Bortsi Slavy": Fighters of Glory 

and Orthodox Christian magazine  „Faith and culture"

"Kyivan Rus" - theological site
Interschool newspaper, media-studio.
Quick brochuring, publishing accesses, translations, creative media projects, ethno-tours over Carpathian areas and Lviv, Kyiv regions as well etc. International youth cooperation. Church-related education 
deacon Tarasiy,
Alexander Denysiuk
+38 093 769 38 44;
+38 067 394 58 53
 Igor Byra - web-desigh corporation
"The arch" St.Climent of Rome academical society of "SPIRIT & LETTER" publishing house
Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National Univesrity

Lviv youth Christian Orthodox Fellowship of Pochaiv Theotokos 

Youth choir of ancient church-singing "CANON"

helps to ill kids, orphans and psychologically dependent persons after the cults invasion, organizes a tours to Pochaiv, Kyiv, Volyn and Crimea monasteries,
cherish a tradition of singing-healing art-therapy in primordial Christian way
Fr. Yuriy Kinas and Victor Yashyn
Nathalia Lev
ICQ:463-030-098 Skype:tuskalemberg

Holy Trinity St.Iona monastery OTROK.UA Orthodox magazine for youth

Youth lectures, seminars, psychological and pedagogical activities for youth, scout-volunteer's teams "RESTAVROS" for renewal of work in peanance and rebuilding of monasteries and ancient sanctuaries of Christianity in Ukraine

Botanic garden of Kyiv,
Timiryazeva str.,1Kyiv 01014  igumen Ioasaf, igumen Valerian, archpriest Andrew Tkachov, hyerodeacon Savva
Federative unions
Ucrainian Christian Orthodox scouts
Scouts Kyiv for Boryslav ill kids

"Galician Rus"
Carpathian pilgrim-art nearby the healing sources of "Naftusya"
Special mount-tourism.
Healing student-tours with ill pupils and orphans, with families and groups to mount-forest-camps, historically-archeological expeditions and ECO-camps on garbage-delivery and  restoration of  memorials
Social church-projects for economical aid 
Catherina Soyak  
Lesya Prokopiv, (+38044) 417-89-78, +38-068-198-49-29 Cyril Arbatov
Ivan Gasiy +380662701047
Kyiv National Economical University "SCYTHIANS"
студенти КНЕУ
Health-prophylactic, cultural and ecological tours over mountains, caves, forests. Charitable parties, art-evenings and theater-music stages, creative presentations and art-cooperation for youth-proffesional development  Katherine Klyuzko
ICQ : 385-406-332 Тел: 8(096)7062943
Вдячні за Вашу допомогу Карпатському шкільництву КОВЧЕГа:
Sincerely thanksful for your help to carpathian schooling of ARCH:
Асоціація "КОВЧЕГ" МФО 325796 ЗКПО 36696856 рах 260023011913
ТВБВ 10013/018 Філія Львівське облуправління АТ "Ощадбанк"

As you wish, find yourself in youth volunteer-creative cooperation:

Central office "Commone deal" =Liturgia=
01015 Kyiv, Ivan Mazepa str, 27 (before it was a "Sichneve rebelian str".)
Holy Assumption Kyiv Pechersk Larva Monastery 
+ 038050- 3841876 Sergiy Shteynikov, +38097-7741097 Maria,

SOCIAL youth SCOUTING  and Youth fraternity of St.Cyril and Athanasious monastery (1150 A.D.)
04080 Kyiv, Frunze str. 103-а, protodeacon Ioann Didenko
 +38044 4178978 Network "Cyrilica"

St.Agapit of Pechersk parish, Kyiv, Victory avenue (prospekt Peremohy), Pushkin park
archpriest Andrey Tkachov, Valentine Makarov

St. Nicolas church in Donetsk, Youth Orthodox Christian editorial board,
archpriest Georgiy Gulyaev

St. Olga parish, Orhtodox youth club "KOVCHEG" (Arch) Verbytskoho str. 3, Kyiv
Andrew and Angelina 

St.Theodosious Pechersky Vasylkiv fellowship
Rostyslav Triohbratsky, Psalm-singing, church-choir-repetitions
Church rubric of the Vasylkiv area newspaper

Orthodox youth unity “Свħт” (Light) St.Agapit of Pechersk church
Archpriest TarasiyMarchenko
Frunze str. 20-116, district Jubeleyniy nearby DniproPetrovsk,

St. Makariy of Ovruch the Martyr and Pereyaslav miracle-wonderer fellowship
Theotokos nativity church, Kolgospna str. 23, Luhyny of Zhytomyr region, 11300
(+38041-61) 9-15-61 Archpriest Peter Kyrychevsky

Youth fraternity of Kozelshchansk Theotokos icon
Dzerzhynsky str. 19a, Zinkiv, Poltava region Fr. Volodymyr and Mychail Babych

Youth parish in cancer clinic, Orthodox magazine "Chado" (The child)
Manuilskoho str. 9, Kyiv

Charity and education department of St. Dymytriy of Rostov deanery of Makariv area
Kyiv region, Makariv area, Lyshnya village "КОВЧЕГ" (Arch) 08063 St. Paraskeva of Serbia church
прп.Параскеви Сербської (see. summer schools NaUKMA)
hyeromonk Filaret (Yegorov) +380050-3124616, Yaroslav Barna +38095-8997415
newspaper "Paraskeva"

St. Job of Pochaiv fraternity, Pochaiv Theotokos church, magazine "Dzvin" (the bell)
a/box - 27, Kovel-8, Volyn region, fax:(+03352) 2-52-30, 2-31-35
Oksana Makulina

Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Charity department for Social service of RusOrthChurch: MILOSERDIE.RU
Russia Moscow. Youth Chriustian journal of social service "НЕСКУЧНЫЙ САД


Therefore, we happy to fulfill with you an apostolic commandment to live in unity of Church spiritual Body:

    «Отже я, в'язень ради Господа, Благаю вас поводитися гідно звання, до якого ви покликані, з усякою смиренномудрістю і лагідністю, з довготерпінням, підтримуючи один одного любов'ю, прагнучи зберігати єдність духу в союзі миру (синдесмос). Одне тіло і один дух, як ви й покликані в одній надії покликання вашого; один Господь, одна віра, одне хрещення, один Бог і Отець усіх, Котрий над усіма, і через усіх, і в усіх нас». (Ephes. 4, 1-6)

ARCH 2009 BorysLOVE - Kyiv cooperation YOUTH ART-THERAPY ASSOCIACION "THE ARCH" of Carpathian Education-Rehabilitation Center of Boryslav spec-school for ill kids and orphans from the socially poor villages of mountatin area. 
Інтернет-версія газети `Віра і культура`St.Cyril parith in centralpsychoatric clinic of Kyiv   Church and medical help UOCТверской городской молодежный православный клуб    Львівська єпархія Української Православної Церкви

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